Matthew Wild
Executive Chef

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Matthew Wild is renowned for developing creative and innovative cuisine that has earnt him an excellent reputation and loyal following.

Matthew Wild was trained in Australia in a five star, internationally-recognized hotel chain with multiple food outlets/fine dining and banquet facilities. This rigorous and broad training embedded a deep knowledge of all facets of the hospitality industry at a young age. It also highlighted an ability to respond calmly and quickly under extreme pressure, while maintaining attention to detail.

Wild's talents were recognized early. As 'Apprentice of the Year' in Australia, and first student to be accepted into the Guild of Professional Chefs of Australia, Wild accepted a position as Chef de Cuisine under the world renowned Mogens Bay Esbensen who was a pioneer in the introduction a combination of Asian and French to Australia.

Wild went on to develop a highly skilled and instinctive knowledge of both front and back of house as owner/chef of two critically acclaimed restaurants, one of which was awarded 'Best New Restaurant' award in Australia.

Wild has been brought into key restaurants in Australia and internationally to generate publicity, increase customer satisfaction and control costs, maximizing efficiency and profit margins.

His pre-opening experience of three 5 star boutique hotels has lead to strong skills in kitchen design, stocking, implementation of suppliers, implementing health, safety and hygiene procedures, recruiting/training/managing of up to 40 chefs to follow high quality menus and procedures. These roles have lead to major restaurant and hotel awards.

Wild believes in maintaining calm, efficient kitchens leading to low staff turnover and high kitchen moral. Wild's leadership, creative spirit, generosity and skills have inspired young up and coming chefs internationally.

Wild has conducted cooking classes, master classes, international guest chef roles, written columns and articles for food and lifestyle publications and television broadcasts. He has featured in Vogue, Gourmet Traveller and major papers internationally.

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Below: Matthew Wild, Delhi 2012
wild at Azimuth in Delhi